Martial arts are tabulate systems and traditions of combat practice for multiple reasons such as self-defense, military and competition, physical, mental, and spiritual health & also for entertainment. The best martial arts uniforms provides full unrestricted range of movement in all planes of motion, for low stances and high kicks. Karate jacket design allows the karate suit to be personalized with club logos and associations. Made with Prime Sports premium 8oz cotton polyester blend which allows for minimum shrinkage. This high quality fabric brings unmatched comfort, care, and durability. Uniforms with lightweight design that provides unique freedom of movement, perfect for all Karate practitioners.

Mid- weight to allow for intense training. Get a gi that is a step above all others. Optimal karate uniforms bargain on the martial arts market. We profit less so that you can benefit more. Feel free to Order BULK!

  • Traditional Judo Gi

    Traditional Judo Gi (3)

    Judo is a system of unarmed combat. It's philosophy revolves around 2 primary principles ( maximum efficient use of energy & mutual welfare and benefit). In order to maintain the tradition you have to signify yourself with traditional Judo Gi. Tradeem's Competition Judo Gi is ideal for a national level Judo competitor. The jacket of this Judo uniform weighs 680…
  • MMA Hybrid Shorts

    MMA Hybrid Shorts (2)

    Take a look at the best MMA Hybrid Shorts made with high quality premium fabric that are just according to your needs. Velcro plus Drawstring to keep shorts secure in your waist. Designed for the user to have the full range of comfortable movements. Tear-resistant microfiber fabric provides the strongest hold on the product,and 4-way stretch crotch for optimal movement.…
  • Traditional Jiu jitsu Gi

    Traditional Jiu jitsu Gi (3)

    The traditional Jiu Jitsu Gi for training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, adapted from the keikogi used in modern Japanese martial arts. A uniform meaning dress is typically made of a heavy cotton jacket, reinforced drawstring trousers, and a belt which signify rank. TRADEEM traditional Jiu Jitsu Gi is extra lightweight for enhanced performance. Made with premium 350 gram fabric blend, the…
  • Booster Muay Thai Shorts

    Booster Muay Thai Shorts (1)

    Select your new booster Muay Thai Shorts for Thai Boxing - Cutomize them according to your desire and get ready to fight with your style. LOOK GOOD and FEEL COMFORTABLE by wearing our unique and authentic Muay Thai Boxing Shorts. Our booster Muay Thai Shorts are eco-friendly handcrafted with love and passion by our family business in our in-house factory.…
  • Custom Taekwondo Uniform

    Custom Taekwondo Uniform (3)

    Train and compete your opponent with the finest custom Taekwondo Uniform and apparels from Tradeem International - made from high quality fabrics and material. Tradeem's World Best custom taekwondo Uniform made in Pakistan. These are high quality Demonstration uniforms worn by Taekwondo Demonstration Teams in the World (Current) official uniform form WT Demonstration Team. Redesigned to fit the size of your…