American Football Team Uniforms

  • Fabric Used In American Football :
  • Fabric: Polyester (mesh) 100% Premium Bio-Washed Soft And Smooth Skin-Friendly Polyester Material
  • Main Fabric Composition: 100%


American Football Team Uniforms

  • American Football Team Uniforms – A great way to spice up a casual look by wearing American Football, thanks to its distinct print
  • Category: Sports Wear
  • Material: Polyester
  • Style: Sports
  • Colour: Available On Demand
  • Fabric GSM: 170-220
  • Size: All Size Available
  • Pattern: Creative
  • Applicable Season: Applicable For All Seasons
  • Process: Sublimation
  • Collar Type: Round Collar
  • Neckline Shape: Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length: Short Sleeve
  • Whether Hooded: No Hood
  • Fit Type: Regular Fit
  • Error: 1 to 2 cm
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash up to 30°C/86°F gentle cycle
  • Please look at the size guide before completing your order, as sizes vary from brand to brand.
  • A traditional rugby union kit consists of a jersey and shorts, long rugby socks and boots with studs. The other main piece of equipment is the rugby ball. Some modest padding is allowed on the head, shoulders and collarbone, but it must be sufficiently light, thin and compressible to meet World Rugby standards. Players may wear a mouthguard to guard against concussion and chipping of the teeth.
    American football, also referred to simply as football in the United States and Canada, and also known as gridiron, it is a team sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end. The offense, the team with possession of the oval-shaped football, attempts to advance down the field by running with the ball or passing it, while the defense, the team without possession of the ball, aims to stop the offense’s advance and to take control of the ball for themselves. The offense must advance at least ten yards in four downs or plays; if they fail, they turn over the football to the defense.american football size chart


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